Cross Check, Mate in Five!

The results from the recent elections in Iran is finally in and it is a magnificent display of the brilliance of the great strategic minds behind the Reform movement: if you can’t increase your strength, at least weaken theirs. As far as the Parliamentary elections are concerned, while the extent of the “win” was a […]

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Leaf Blowers: Dirt Equality and Dust Nationalization

#ThePostINeverWrote He clears the dust and dirt from his property using a blower and in doing so makes sure the entire neighborhood gets their share of his dirt and dust.

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[Updated Jan. 2015]

There is nothing more sobering than the day you have to REDO the ABOUT page of your personal blog.

Today I looked back at my blog and noticed I had changed so drastically over the past few years that what I had written ABOUT me was no longer a true description.
So here we go … again!

I was born in Iran and now live in Canada. I had left Canada many years ago thinking I would never return but I am here now and that in itself is proof that you should NEVER say NEVER.
My return to Canada started as a quest for knowledge and wasn’t meant to be long term, but I gradually spread roots and now call this place my home.
I’ve lived almost half of my life in a Middle Eastern society and the other half in a Western society.
I’ve studied Computer Engineering in my undergrad, have been through the Journalism grad school and have worked in both fields. So I would like to think that I understand Zeros and Ones as much as I understand Janes and Jons.
The me that I am today, much like everyone else, has been shaped by my experiences. And who I am affects how I see the world around me and interpret its events.


I was born only a few months before the event that changed the course of history in the land I call home — Iran.

I’ve now been trying, for over a decade to rediscover this land. I’ve been a journalist. A “Foreign Journalist”. My countrymen call me a foreigner and the foreigners call me an Iranian. Neither accept me as their own, and THIS is truly a blessing. I don’t necessarily have to tailor myself to the norms of either side. I am a stateless person, in terms of traditions and social norms.

I have seen many things and have heard even more. Many of them cannot even be told to your child at night as a bedtime story. But each has had its effect on my character and my understanding of this world.

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